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Why do I need a mobile optimized website?

With mobile search out pacing PC’s by the end of 2013, many business’s have not made the move for their websites to be optimized. Here are four reasons why every business should have a mobile optimized website.

Ever want to know what your customers were really saying about your business?

The old “word of mouth” has been replaced by Yelp, Google and other online directories. Learn how you can see what your customers are saying about you and increase revenue at the same time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not just a trendy word, it is fast becoming and in some cases already is a viable acquisition channel for most businesses.  In fact, Hubspot reports that 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook.

Why Us?

Throughout our site you will see lots of statistics. They are there to tell the story of a paradigm shift in advertising. The public is turning away from traditional advertising in favor of new age technology. Ads-Synergy is an online marketing and technology group. Our focus is monitoring, managing and building your online brand. In the ever changing world of the internet it takes more than a web site to increase your presents and increase your business. It is a balance between quality content that people are looking for, being able to find it and proving a web experience that makes visitors want to come back again.

Why marketing and technology? It is simple, whether we like it or not technology drives the internet. Staying ahead with technology enables us to create a marketing and technology road map that makes sense for our clients.

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