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Ads-Synergy is an online marketing and technology group. Our focus is monitoring, managing and building your online brand. In the ever changing world of the internet it takes more that a web site to increase your presents and increase your business. It is a balance between quality content that people are looking for, being able to find it and proving a web experience that makes visitors want to come back again.

Why marketing and technology? It is simple, whether we like it or not technology drives the internet. Staying ahead with technology enables us to create a marketing and technology road map that makes sense for our clients.

Our specialization

Inbound Marketing
Reputation Management
Web Development

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Ron Stalman

Managing Director

Ron has over ten years of experience in online marketing and product development, in addition to his industry experience working with media, technology and local service businesses.

Prior to founding Ads+Synergy, Ron was the Marketing Director for AdLizard an online ad creation platform. Prior to AdLizard, Ron served as a Business Development Director at Modulo System where he managed and marketed online support and service programs.

Throughout his 20 year career Ron has worked with a variety of clients from American Express, Los Angeles Times and the National Football League to regional and small business owners. His "Customer Centric" philosophy has helped his clients to increase market share and revenue.

In his free time Ron enjoys working his horses and being with family.

Jerry Hefner

Creative Director

As an interactive multimedia designer, he has worked in the financial industry, with national retailers such as Circuit City and Car Max, as well as one of the largest newspaper groups on the central east coast.

Jerry knows more than programs and technologies. He excels at understanding a client’s needs and utilizing media to transform their customers’ everyday experience into something extraordinary. His passion is to find new and exciting ways to make people not only hear your message, but respond to it.

When Jerry is not designing he enjoys spending time with his family as well as photograpy, fishing, and scuba diving.

Andrew DeSumma

Web Design

With over 10 years of experience in design and site development Andrew has worked with international and regional companies in developing their web presence and increasing their visibility. Our clients appreciate Andrew’s ability to bring their company vision to life on the web.

Through his creativity in developing their online brand our clients have seen excellent ROI on their online marketing budgets.

Kiera Campbell-Gillies

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Kiera is an inbound marketing specialist providing solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. A firm believer that a quality experience leads to quality business, her primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization. She has worked with diverse group of clients in both the medical and legal vertical as well as regional businesses.

Kiera was introduced to Inbound Marketing in 2010 and quickly grabbed hold of it. She constantly strives to increase her knowledge and skills, staying on top of the industry.

In her free time, Kiera likes riding horses and taking photos.

Our Offices

Our corporate office is located in La Center Washington with regional offices in Olympia Washington and Sandy Hook Virgina.