Reputation Intelligence

New Media Has Changed The Game

Your customers are shaping your brand and effecting your bottom line more than ever.

Did you know -

  • 52% of people are more likely to use a company with good online reviews?
  • 80% of consumers say negative information they read online made them change their purchasing decision.
  • Customers trust information from their peers over traditional advertising.
  • Monitoring your reputation isn’t enough. Businesses need to know what their customers are saying, as well as how to manage that info and build their reputation as well.

How Does It Help My Business?

Reputation Intelligence is the ability to track and respond to customer reviews, online mentions, social media and even your competition. Your online reputation equals what you say about yourself and what others are saying about you. The old school “word of mouth” advertising has been superseded by online review sites like Yelp, Google and others. Over 41 million monthly visitors on Yelp alone.  Some businesses fail to see the importance. For example a 1-Star increase in your Yelp review can lead to a 5%-9% increase in revenue.

Reputation Intelligence provides a better ROI on traditional advertising campaigns. How so? Customers see your ad and use their smart phone to get more information about your business; they read customer reviews and purchase from you or your competitor. The more accurate your listings the higher Google ranks them which makes it easier for your customers to find you.

We understand that running your own business adding another “task” is not possible. Let us take care of your reputation, so you can take care of running your business. With Concierge Service, we assign a trained digital analyst to your account. We complete regular visibility, review, and social media tasks to manage your online reputation. We update and maintain over 75 online directory listings. Each week via email, you receive a complete report on reviews, media mentions, social media and competition.

Unlike other solutions when it comes to dealing with negative reviews we don’t just show you the review, we assist you in remedying the problem. Your Concierge digital analyst writes a response for your approval and is sent to your customer. Once your customer is satisfied the negative review is removed. That means negative reviews can turn around to positive because you listen to your customers.

Would you like to know what your customers are saying about you?  Ads-Synergy offers Reputation Intelligence report for your business. The report gives a complete view of all directory listing, customer reviews, social media mentions and competition.


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Improve Your Ranking
Increase Site Traffic
Improves Customer Service
Better ROI on Traditional Ad Campaigns

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