Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is just not banner advertising anymore…

Did you know…

  • Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons and mobile ads get 3x the clicks.
  • 47% of mobile consumers want retailers to send coupons to their devices when they are in or near the store.
  • 75% of people prefer receiving mobile ads via SMS vs. ads via mobile apps or banner ads.
  • It takes a consumer an average of 90 seconds to respond to a text message. On the other hand, it takes 2.5 days for a consumer
    to respond to an email.

The Shift

You are witnessing a paradigm shift in advertising. Businesses are moving away from traditional newspaper and direct mail advertising to the mobile. The reason – Mobile is the fastest growing advertising platform for the next five years. Advertisers are including mobile as a key component to their print, radio and broadcast advertising campaign. Retailers use mobile marketing to communicate with customers on a personal level.

The four key reasons for the migration are creativity, speed, targeted adverting and customers response. Mobile knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity. Businesses have been extremely successful using “text to win” contests for sports or seasonal events. It gets people in the door and the business can text their customers of specials and new seasonal products.  Mobile SMS allows businesses to adapt quickly to market opportunities. During a rainy Super Bowel Sunday a Pizza Parlor text this message to their customers. ” Sorry your BBQ got rained out we can have a pizza there in 20..”. The response was incredible.  Mobile enables you to send targeted or geo based coupons or text message to any customer travel within a 5-15 mile radius of your business location they automatically receive a text with the latest arrivals or coupon. As we mentioned above customers respond to text message within 90 seconds of receipt and continue to use their mobile devices as part of their shopping experience.

Ads+Synergy has put together a “Mobile Marketing Idea book” that provides detailed overview as well as best practices for conducting mobile marketing campaigns. To receive a copy simply email us. Remember…your customers are mobile you need to be mobile too.

Mobile Marketing Benefits

Fast to Adapt to Market Changes
Targeted Advertising
Excellent Customer Response

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